(Disclaimer: My resume is here for those who don't want to scroll through a wall of text. For those who want to take the time to know who I am and what I can do, another link will be provided at the bottom.)

Welcome to the website of Steven Mane! I am a sales professional, communications wizard, copywriter, voice-over talent, and all-around creative mind. If you're looking for a man who knows words and knows how to use them, you're at the right website.

I began my career as a voice-over talent, auditioning for commercials and character work with some success. I have worked for clients including Kusuru, Farfaria, and Winter Wolves Games, and have been heard on several radio stations in promos and character work, including WRLR 94.7 in Round Lake, IL, KGSP in Parkville, MO, WRBC.FM online, and CRIS/Lighthouse for the Blind. My most famous piece of work is the role of Professor Mark in the cult classic video game Bionic Heart. I was also represented as a voice artist by DeSanti Talent from 2006-2012.

I finished my degree in communications in 2014 at Roosevelt University, focusing on integrated marketing with a minor in English. I worked for the school's radio department as a producer of on-air promotions, served as a telephone fundraiser for the school's "Phonathon", and eventually worked my way as an intern and student worker for the school's athletics department, writing feature stories and student biographies for the Roosevelt Lakers along with bookkeeping, reception, and serving as a faculty assistant. Ever since graduating, I have been searching for a marketing role that will utilize my extensive experience in the human voice, both oral and written. Along the way, I went from a brief stint as a survey recruiter for In Vivo, BVA to becoming one of the greatest salesmen in the history of Dollar Tree, transforming a mundane cashiering job into a genuine sales representative position, becoming the number one impulse salesman in a district of 16 stores.

I served for two years as an administrative assistant for a demolition company, primarily writing invoices and proposals for bids, worked in food as both a customer service representative and as an omelet maker at two different restaurants, worked in retail for several companies both large and small over the past 10 years, and was briefly a sales representative for a boat tour company in downtown Chicago.

So now, you are no doubt asking yourself the question:




All of this means I am a person who has the knowledge and insight from personal experience and observations with real customers to refresh, enlighten, and provide important knowledge to your company. As a man who has worked on the front lines of customer service for ten years, and who has read hundreds of commercial voice-over scripts, I will bring the much-needed human touch to every campaign you do, whether it's in copywriting, media planning, sales, or as a staff assistant.

But I'm sure you still have thoughts, so let's knock them out of the park right now:

Why should I hire you?

One of the biggest things I believe is missing from the marketing world is a sense of humanity. It seems like 90% of advertisements (whether they're on-air, digital, out-of-home, or print) are, quite simply, out of touch. This happens either because there is no research done on the target demographic, the research done is lacking or misinterpreted, or the research is flat-out ignored. In case you can't tell, I love research. This is one of the first things I will do on a campaign to truly understand the audience I am trying to reach, and I will do it quickly and efficiently. However, I will tie this in with what I've learned first-hand to shape a campaign into the best one possible in regard to the budget I'll have to work with.


Ok, so what have you learned?

I hate to break the news to you, but I've learned to keep my mouth shut when it comes to insight. Hire me and I'll tell you.


I don't want to hire you.

That's your right, but answer me this: why not?


You don't have the experience I'm looking for.

I'll argue that this makes me the best candidate. Certainly, those with proven "track records" have a history of success with other companies. However, there is no guarantee they can bring the same results to yours. The one they worked with will most likely have methods that vary greatly from the way your company does things, and if you add them to your talent pool, they could prove to be toxic. I, on the other hand, am a blank slate looking to apply what I've learned to any campaign. At best, you will be able to chisel me into the perfect company employee, one who becomes the primary ideas guy you can depend on. At worst, I sprout a few ideas you don't like, I never see the client at all, and you let me go with very little damage done. Honestly, I'm a risk you can take.


How do I know YOU won't be toxic? 

There's no point in wasting a $50,000+ education over petty squabbles. Why would I want to shoot myself in the foot?


I don't want to train you. It takes time and money.

Yes, but you know what else takes time and money? Failing campaigns. Teach me how you want it done, and we will minimize these.


I don't like your LinkedIn picture.

Neither do I. I'm working on it.


You're not young and hot. We have an image we're trying to maintain.

Bull. I'm the sexiest fat guy on the face of the planet. Also, I'm only pushing 30, so I'm old enough to know what I'm doing and young enough to make it look good.

In seriousness, though, I'm well aware of the stigma of people like me being seen as incompetent, if Reddit is any indication (no, I'm not linking anything). While I get the need to keep appearances, I have a hidden skill that you wouldn't expect from a guy like me: energetic presentation. Keep in mind, I cut my teeth on acting, and that makes me invaluable in stressful situations like public speaking.


I don't like you.

I don't like you either, but that won't stop me from making you look good.


There's another issue not listed here.

By all means, talk to me! I'm trying to be the best for you, so if you have an issue that hasn't been addressed, whether it's salary requirements, scheduling, the look of my website, my frequent use of the Oxford comma, or anything else, let me know so we can get back to making you look good!


...How many trees are in New York's Central Park?

26,000. I Googled it. But why are you asking me this when we're in Chicago???


Finally, you've come to the end of this page. Now that you've read all of this, you're probably gonna want the link to my resume. So here it is:

Steven Mane's Resume

There isn't much else to do at this site except scroll back up and check out my portfolio and voice over demos at the links on top. However, if you still want to know more, feel free to contact me! My e-mail address is steven_mane86@yahoo.com (you're going to have to copy and paste this into your e-mail), and my phone number is on the resume itself. I also have a Facebook account here, a Twitter account here (which I know how to use, but I like keeping it small) and, as stated before, a LinkedIn account here. All of that being said, I look forward to hearing from you in one way or the other. Talk to you soon!


Steven Mane